Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Online Payday System Description
Online Payday System is a marketing system that will give you everything you need to start making money online. This marketing system combines the power of Zip Nada Zilch (which is a website that allows you to make money by having other people complete offers) and combining it with a complete marketing system that will show you how to get people to complete those offers.
Online Payday System Detailed Overview

The System

Zip Nada Zilch  is a referral marketing company that contracts with large companies in order to help these businesses increase their customer base and they do this primarily by creating opportunity sites like ZNZ One or ZNZ Big Cash (there are many others) to expose new and fresh faces to the trial offers that these businesses have developed to use with these programs.

Trial Offers?

Businesses like WalMart and CreditReport.com have developed trial offers that we can sign up for to try out these businesses, and many others, products and services. With ZNZ One you must sign up for 1 trial offer for which you will receive 1.00 credit.
These trial offers may be free or they may have a price tag associated with them. The offers may last from 5 days to 30 days – each offer may be different from the next.
Once you sign up for your trial offer with ZNZ One then you are qualified to refer others to the site and they will go through the same process that you did. Once they sign up you will receive $20 in the form of    referral fee.

Costs to Join

OK, so far so good, but what’s the catch? How much does ZNZ One cost to join? Both are good questions, but seriously there is no catch – you refer someone to sign up to one of the offers, they do sign up, you get paid – simple as that.
As far as a cost to join, there isn’t one. First, Zip Nada Zilch earns their money as the company that refers others to the businesses offers and they pay us a portion of that money because we are actually the ones doing the marketing and advertising for them through this opportunity.
All of the ZNZ programs are free to join. All that you have to do is commit to signing up and completing at least 80% of the trial before cancelling. It’s that simple.

Online Payday System

Marketing this program can be done very much the same way that anything else is marketed online. I teach people how to market their opportunities online and that includes the ZNZ One and Big Cash programs.
Another fantastic benefit of joining ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash through our system is that you will receive a free marketing system to help you market your programs. This system is the Online Payday System and has an excellent conversion rate.

A Mentor

Perhaps one of the best reasons to join the ZNZ One program with myself is that I offer follow up marketing training, as I have shown others, how to start profiting from your program right away using free tools and systems. One key to keeping this system successful is helping other members
I offer a training site, video training, phone conferences and coming soon…webinars designed to help you succeed online with ZNZ One.

$30 Rebate

So what are you waiting for? The program is free, the training is free and the marketing system is free. You may have to spend a little money to sign up with some of the trial offers, but here’s where I sweeten the pot!
If you get involved with me today, sign up for the ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash programs and complete your 1.00 credit by signing up and receiving credit for the required trial offers, I will send you $30.00! This rebate will be sent directly to your PayPal account – Now you have no reason at all to say no.
                                                  3 SIMPLE STEPS TO GET STARTED

                             You can get started with Online Payday System in just three simple steps - you join ZNZ One, join ZNZ Big Cash, and you will receive your  marketing system. To get started you will need to complete some offers yourself - but there are many free offers to choose from. Once you have completed your offers then you will be able to offer the opportunity to other people and earn as much as $80 to $104 for each and every person you refer. There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer and each of them will also have the opportunity to start earning money theirselves. You can work at your own schedule and the amount of money you can earn is limitless.
By signing up you will have a complete business at your disposal - this includes a free website, all the marketing tools you need, and complete training for FREE. You will not need any technical skills to use this system - if you can copy and paste then you are ready to go. There are many free marketing options available so there are no advertising costs involved. You can get paid daily and all the money you make is deposited in your Paypal account. There is no selling involved - you are simply presenting a free money-making opportunity to people who are looking to earn a little extra cash and then helping them get started. 

Online Payday System Reputation
Programs like Online Payday System are extremely popular and a great way for newbies to get started in internet marketing. There is a real potential to earn and Zip Nada Zilch has a great reputation when it comes to paying out on completed offers. If you have been looking for a way to make extra money (or even a full-time income) then this is an opportunity you will definitely want to check out.